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Meet the Kindling team

With a passion for innovation, we are dedicated to crafting solutions that enhance productivity and help improve your life even while you're on the move or enjoying your downtime. Equipped with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of our users' needs, our team strives to create tools that seamlessly blend efficiency and convenience, while at the same time empowering you to take control of your data.

Agnes Oberauer
PR and communication

Agnes is an artist, writer and start-up co-founder passionate about exploring the relationship between humanity and technology. Due to the state of the world, she currently lives in Brazil and has become an advocate for digital autonomy.

Agnes speaks: English, German, Portuguese, Russian

Irina Timotin
Project manager

Irina is the go-to person for anything related to organising, planning, adding structure, and clarifying the details of any project. She is a passionate traveller with a background in psychology, always learning new skills.

Irina speaks: English, Romanian, Spanish, French

Mark Fox
System architect

Mark Fox is the founder of Kindling and Book360, a tour operator software solution. He spent most of his life in South Africa before moving to Croatia, he loves spending time in nature and he believes travel has the potential to build a better world.

Mark speaks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Anupam Gupta
Senior back-end developer

Anupam Gupta is the lead software developer for Kindling. He lives in his birthplace of Kanpur, India. He enjoys traveling, and believes that Kindling is special because of its community-focused approach.

Anupam speaks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Giacomo Pessotto
Full stack developer

Giacomo lives in the UK and enjoys building products for the web using technologies such as React and Typescript. He is passionate about creating useful and interactive web applications. He also enjoys sailing and skiing.

Giacomo speaks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Anna Shchaya-Zubrova
Partner relations

With 14 years of experience in international business development & strategy management, Anna has worked with Fortune 500 & Forbes INC 5000 clients, leading diverse projects in IT, trade, film, smart agriculture, logistics, finance, banking & tourism.

Anna speaks: English, Russian, French